Flange inside form has been finely standardized by us to make sure while torquing pressure on gasket which shows up as tightening torque comes as much earlier to gasket reaching flange thread start as possible.

Threads on flange are rolled.Form at thread start of flange prior to rolling has been standardized to yield a shape and configuration that results in minimal hooking.

Our rubber gasket compound formulation and process parameters have been standardized to yield high resilience.For a constant applied torque our gasket flows less into flange thread start and at same time has high resilience to spring out when torque taken off.

Our rubber gasket formulation and imparted physical properties allow enough pre-torque generation with plug gasket seat when inserted into plug that helps in extracting gasket out of flange thread whatever little it penetrates at the time of unscrewing the plug.

Our plug thread end towards gasket side has been standardized by feathering it out,not only does it increase tool life at time of thread rolling but also it fills crevices in flange thread start to restrict gasket entry into it.

Combination of our special plug geometry around gasket seat finely controlled and standardized,gasket dimensions and properties,flange inside curl shape yields flow path to gasket against applied torque that results in minimal gasket flow into flange thread start.

S M Saraf



Steel Plated Drum Closures

Steel Vent-In Plug50mm Steel Vent-In Plug
Steel Vent-Out Plug50mm Steel Vent-Out Plug

Stainless Steel Drum Closures

Stainless Steel Drum ClosureStainless Steel Drum Closure

Steel Lacquer Drum Closures

RESCO 500-L BUFF Lacquer ClosureRESCO 500-L BUFF Lacquer Closure
R-78433 Brown Lacquer ClosureR-78433 Brown Lacquer Closure
L-1 Clear Phenolic Lacquer ClosureL-1 Clear Phenolic Lacquer Closure
L-15 Dark Brown Lacquer ClosureL-15 Dark Brown Lacquer Closure
L-5X Olive Drab Lacquer ClosureL-5X Olive Drab Lacquer Closure
L-5X Tan Phenolic Lacquer ClosureL-5X Tan Phenolic Lacquer Closure
PPG 2088-320 Golden Brown Lacquer ClosurePPG 2088-320 Golden Brown Lacquer Closure
285-C-102 Buff Epoxy Phenolic Lacquer Closure285-C-102 Buff Epoxy Phenolic Lacquer Closure

Nylon Plugs

Nylon PlugNylon Plug
Vent-In Nylon PlugVent-In Nylon Plug
Vent-Out Nylon PlugVent-Out Nylon Plug

Poly Propylene Plugs

Poly Propelene PlugPoly Propelene Plug


Metal CapsealMetal Capseal
Plastic CapsealPlastic Capseal
EZ Seal CapsealEZ Seal Capseal


63mm Canseal63mm Canseal
42mm Canseal42mm Canseal

Insertion Dies

Single shot and Double shot Tandem Die with AutomationSingle shot and Double shot Die with Automation



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