1. Slab Formwork

    Technocraft’s Modular Shoring System is a high octane, high performance engineered modular panel shoring system. Technocraft’s Slab Decking System will be very effective for obtaining a 3-4 day slab cycle for a typical project. The shuttering speed clocked till date is approx 300 sq. ft. per man hour and de-shuttering at 600 sq. ft. per man hour. The panels are automatically wind locked during assembly which is very important at heights. The number of components is the lowest as compared to any system which is essential when working at great heights.

    Some of the key features are:-

    • Modular design. The system can be easily expanded and reduced for changing slab heights and areas.
    • System is safely erected and stripped from the floor below.
    • System’s Panels can be removed at 2000 psi without disturbing props or concrete.
    • System’s Panels are wind locked automatically during assembly and this is a very important factor when using slab decking in areas prone to high winds.
    • System can be erected in any or all of 4 directions simultaneously.
    • System requires no "x" bracing.
    • The 2 main components, Panel & Prop, automatically interlock against strong wind loads.
    • System's heaviest component, an 8' X 4' panel, can be carried by any 2 men.
    • System is ACI, OSHA, NSI, SSFI, ANSI, and BSI compliant.
    • System can erect any type of building or parking garage.
    • System’s Telescopic, Side, and End Filler Beams make shoring around columns and other interruptions easy, efficient, and cost-effective.
    • System’s components are not welded.
    Slab Forms Slab Formwork
    Slab Erection Slab Erection
    Slab Strip Slab Formwork
    Slab Beams Slab Beams
    Slab Drops Slab Drops
  2. Wall Formwork

    The Techno form Modular Wall Form system is a light weight cold rolled steel hand set system designed for maximum strength, durability and compatibility. Our wall system offers rugged side rails that are specially hot rolled sections of minimum 60,000 PSI.

    The forms are designed to be manageable by one man and therefore the largest form is 2400x600 mm and weighs about 34 kg.

    The Technoform Wall System gives great flexibility and alternative methodology all in one convenient package. The system also comes with a variety of smaller panels called fillers and inside and outside corners. These are made entirely from steel and are used to make up specific dimensions.

    The system comes with all of the necessary accessories such as walkway brackets, bracing systems, lacing systems and walers.

    Wall Formwork
    Wall Formwork
  3. Infra Formwork

    TECHNOCRAFT has complete in-house capabilities to design, fabricate and supply custom steel formwork for different kinds of Infrastructure projects like bridges, metros, etc.

    Some project listed below for reference:

    Longline Formwork Longline formwork
    Casting under progress Infra Formwork
    Casted Segment Bridge Formwork
Piers and Pier Caps Pier Formwork
Piers and Pier CapsPier Formwork
Piers and Pier CapsPier Formwork
Piers and Pier Caps Pier Formwork
Piers and Pier CapsPier Formwork


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